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Peer Gynt-stemnet 2015 Vinstra 31. juli - 9. august 2015
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The Peer Gynt festival 2015

The Peer Gynt festival in 2014 was another great success. The main event, "Peer Gynt" by lake Gålåvatnet was praised for its new production and spectacular theater performances.

"Magical", "fantastic", "moving". These are just some of the positive feedback we have gotten from guests at "Peer Gynt" by lake Gålåvatnet in 2014. You can experience this theater play during the Peer Gynt festival in 2015 as well!

Dates for "Peer Gynt" by lake Gålåvatnet 2015:
31st July, 7:30 pm
01st August, 7:30 pm
05th August, 7:30 pm
06th August, 7:30 pm
07th August, 7:30 pm
08th August, 7:30 pm


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Norwegian drama, music and nature come together at lake Gålåvatnet.

Peer Gynt for international guests

The theater play "Peer Gynt" by lake Gålåvatnet is suited for international audience through an introduction, a summary booklet and an audio guide.

Peer Gynt by lake Gålåvatnet

On the outdoor stage by lake Gålåvatnet, Henrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" is performed together with music inspired by Edvard Grieg.

The theme is universal, and accompanied by the best of Norwegian drama, music and nature, the play will engage and entertain guests from all over the world.

The play is seated in Peer Gynt's birthplace, where the stories about him come from: the Gudbrandsdalen valley. The play itself is one of Norway's top dramas, and is central in the cultural history. The audience can expect a spectacular evening with the outdoor theater play "Peer Gynt". 

Introduction, summary and audio guide

Enligsh and German introductions are held at the venue one hour before every show. The introduction starts at a marked meeting point.

Follow the drama through text and pictures from every scene with the summary booklet. You can download the summary in English and in German, and read it in beforehand or bring it to the theater. The booklet is also avaiable for purchase at the theater venue.

Audio guides in English and German are available at the venue. The audio guide plays a short summary before every scene, so that you can follow the story without taking your eyes off the stage. 



Peer Gynt by Lake Gålå

Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen is Norway’s top National Drama. The breath-taking nature, accompanied by Edward Grieg’s world renowned music, makes Peer Gynt by Lake Gålå an unique opportunity to experience this literary work of art in its most authentic and true form.

Peer Gynt is considered a masterpiece in literature. The dramatic poem was written by Henrik Ibsen in 1867, inspired by stories from Gudbrandsdalen in Norway, and has since then aroused and challenged its readers and theatre viewers. It appeals to existential questions in life, and invites to reflection and consideration. Peer is viewed as a universal character; a picture of the ordinary person, and the poem and theatre is therefore relevant even today.

The poem reflects on the life and adventures of Peer Gynt. Twenty-year-old Peer is wild and young, looked upon as a drunk and an outlaw in his community. He runs from commitment, is completely selfish, and has little concern for the sacrifices that others are forced to make in accommodating him. He travels to the supernatural world, meeting trolls and supernatural creatures, and around the actual world, meeting new cultures and new people, and he encounters both defeat and victory on his way.

Peer returns to his local community after many years of travel. The people have changed, and the community has changed. But what about Peer? Has life learned him anything? 

Seated in Gålå, high up in the Norwegian mountains, at a lake in the middle of the forest, Henrik Ibsen´s Peer Gynt comes to life, accompanied by, amongst others, music from Edvard Grieg. The play gives a unique experience of Norwegian culture, music and nature.

What’s new after 2014?

Peer Gynt has been a huge success for many years. This year we have gathered some of the best people from Norwegian theatre and music to an all-new production of Peer Gynt. New costumes and scenography enhances the connection between actors, nature and viewer. A strong ensemble of professional actors and musicians, together with 80 voluntary local participants will be on stage. Director Erik Ulfsby will take the audience through a magical evening with the story about Peer Gynt.

Peer Gynt for international guests

The Peer Gynt play gives a wonderful experience for all guests. The theme is universal, and accompanied with the best of Norwegian nature, music and acting, it will also engage and entertain international guests. We have a booklet where our guests can follow the drama through text (in English and German) and pictures from the scenes. We recommend that you either read the booklet on beforehand, or take it with you to the play.

Booklets from Peer Gynt 2013 in English and German are displayed at the bottom of the page. 

New booklets for Peer Gynt 2014 will be available soon!

We will also hold introductions in English and German before every show. The introduction starts by the information board in the entrance to the theatre venue. 

Introduction times:
Friday july: 18.30
Saturday august: 18.30
Wednesday august: 18.30
Thursday august: 18.30
Friday august: 18.30
Saturday august: 18.30

Peer Gynt at the Gålå Lake 2014

“Peer Gynt ved gålåvatnet”

The dramatic poem Peer Gynt will be performed at the Gålå Lake. Professional actors and 80 voluntary participants will be accompanied by music of Edvard Grieg and brand new music written for the play in 2014. july,,,,, august, 19.30 (duration: 3 hours with break)
Numbered seats, 3 areas, 3 price ranges.
Price: Adults kr. 355 – 680,- / Children kr. 155 – 285

Purchase tickets: Billettservice.


Map, transport, accommodation and package prices

For package prices, contact your hotel.

Bus transport is available from Gjøvik, Hamar and Lillehammer. See bus schedule for departure times. Note that booking in beforehand is required (send an email to The departure times can change, depending on how many stops the bus will have to do. 



Free downolad in english


Concert at Rondane

Other festival program

If you want to explore more of the Peer Gynt festival, these festival activities are recommended for our international guests:

KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra) at Rondane
“Ved Rondane, høgfjellskonsert med KORK”

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra is one of Norways most famous orchestras. In the great mountains of Rondane, and the home of Peer Gynt, they will perform the stage music of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night´s Dream”, written by Felix Mendelssohn. august, 14.00.

Prices: Adults kr. 420 – 520,- / Children kr. 180 – 280,-/
(Some numbered seats on benches in the front, or unnumbered places around on the heather. Bring a small chair or something to sit on if you don´t want to purchase a seat.)

Purchase tickets: Billettservice.

KORK ved Rondane liggende


Dinner at Anitras restaurant
Join us in Anitras Restaurant, and let the flavors take you to Marocco with Peer Gynt.

Anitras Anette Opsahl Surrounded by palms and beaches, Peer Gynt is charmed by the beautiful and mysterious Anitra, daughter of a chief. In a warm tent at Lake Gålå you can experience some of the feelings from Peers travel around the world. Anitras Restaurant is decorated with soft and colorful furniture from Morocco, the waiters are dressed in Arabic suits, and the kitchen can offer exciting dishes with exotic flavors. 

3-course Moroccan menu: 

Our chefs team has composed a new and delicious menu with exotic flavors for this years festival. The dinner is a perfect beginning of an evening with the Peer Gynt theatre at Lake Gålå! There are only 200 seats in the tent, so we recommend our guests to book in beforehand. 

Times:, 2.nd,,,, and august, at 17:00. 

Starter: Anitras Mezze

Baked cauliflower with tahine/ tabbouleh / hummus / torshi-e piaz / baba ghanoush / Carrotsalad with orange and coriander / falafel / grilled pita bread / flatbread. 

Main course:
Braised lamb shoulder with harissa, couscous salad and mast-o khair. 

Dessert: Norwegian berries with a touch of Morocco. 

Crumble pie with strawberries, rhubarb and anise. Served with vanilla quark and mint sugar. 


Adults NOK 490,- / Children (3-12 years) NOK 250,-

Purchase tickets: Billettservice.



Mads Ousdal as Peer Gynt.

Information about the Peer Gynt Festival

The first Peer Gynt Festival was held in 1928, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Henrik Ibsen. Since 1967, the festival has been held every year in the beginning of August

The festival is based on the idea of a meeting between the two -  Per and Peer – and aims to give visitors a unique cultural adventure, by embracing the known and the unknown, the local and the international, as well as the traditional and contemporary. Theatre, dance, literature, concert and art exhibitions are central domains, all featured in an exciting collaboration between national and local actors, professionals and amateurs. Local tradition and fantastic scenery frame all of the events. The Peer Gynt tradition is still evolving and today it is one of the largest growing culture industries in Gudbrandsdalen. Volunteers from the valley are involved in almost every activity, and that is one of the premises behind the success of Peer Gynt (Source: A Travelers Tale, Peer Gynt as, 2006).


Practical information

If this page does not answer your questions, please send us an email at: , or call our office: +47 959 00 770

How to buy tickets to the Peer Gynt Festival?

There are several ways to buy tickets

- Phone: +47 959 00 770
- phone: +47 815 33 133
- Our homepage:

How can I pay and collect my tickets?

That depends where and how you buy them.

If you use internet ( /, you pay online.

If you call Peer Gynt AS (+47 959 00 770), there are three different ways to pay and collect your tickets. Make an agreement with our attendant.

When and where is the Peer Gynt Festival?

The Peer Gynt Festival 2012 lasts from the 1th – 10th of August. During these days there will be different events  like “Peer Gynt by Lake Gålå” and the concert “KORK by Rondane” (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra), The Peer Gynt Exhibition and a free opening-show August 1th.

The Peer Gynt Festival is located in Gudbrandsdalen, with the main office at Vinstra. Our office (the Peer Gynt House) will be open every day during the festival, from 08.30 a.m – 6.00 p.m. You will see the house on your right hand side when driving from Oslo, in the first roundabout arriving Vinstra. If you are driving from Trondheim, you have to drive through the main street and the house will show up on your left hand side (next to Sødorp Gjestgivergård) in the roundabout. 

With so many different events, it can be hard to find your way around as a foreigner. To see a map of the three main arenas, click on the event. The distance is from Vinstra to the different arenas:

To Gålå (Peer Gynt by Lake Gålå and Anitras Restaurant): 18 km
To the concert "By Rondane", Rondablikk H.hotell: 24 km


The Troll King 2014

Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen is Norway’s top National Drama. Edward Grieg’s music helps elevate the text dimensions to the optimal Norwegian experience. This is how Norwegians see Peer Gynt.

The idea behind the performance at Lake Gålå in Gudbrandsdalen, was to produce the play on site -, in other words where most of the story took place. Few dramas use the nature and forces of nature as their own as Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. By showing this drama outdoor in these spectacular surroundings, we wish to give our audience the feeling of seeing the original and real Peer Gynt.

Henrik Ibsen travelled through Gudbrandsdalen in Norway in 1862. On his journey, Ibsen was told about the historical figure Per from the farm Hågå in Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen. 

“It may interest you to know that Peer Gynt is a person who actually lived in Gudbrandsdalen, probably at the end of the last century or in the beginning if this century. His name is still well known to the local community…”.
Henrik Ibsen to his publisher, on August 8th 1867.

Ibsen wrote his dramatic poem in Italy the same year. On February 24th 1876, Ibsen's Peer Gynt accompanied by Edvard Grieg's music had its premiere at Christiania Theater in Oslo. The fact that Peer Gynt has become one of the greatest triumphs in the history of Norwegian drama - but also an international success, proves that the collaboration between these two giants of Norwegian art was a stroke of luck. 

Gudbrandsdalen fostered the historical Per Gynt, still known to the local community in 2011. The figure served as model for Ibsen’s literary and world famous Peer Gynt. The history of the Peer Gynt Festival goes back to the early 1900’s, while Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt with the music of Edvard Grieg has been performed by Lake Gålå since 1989. It is safe to say that this has become one of the most popular and attractive theatrical performances Norway has to offer. Every year, approximately 16 000 people, including an increasing number of international visitors, visits Gålå to see Peer Gynt.

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